Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am amazed by our God!!! He continues to reveal His faithfulness over and over again!!! The fact that Witt turned 17 months old is one of our greatest examples of God's faithful hand! And many of you emailed me with wonderful suggestions to help the insurance and financial situation. We were told about things from contacting the drug manufacturing companies themselves because most have programs to help with medications to some more government programs we had not heard about. Contained in the information were words of encouragement! I was sharing some of the emails with Melanie and we were talking about how on earth to get Witt on Medicaid. We kept hearing about a thing called "Rider 28" and Melanie has made calls on it and put Witt's name on waiting lists but we were stumped and frustrated. We were literally finishing the last words of this conversation when a lady from the hospital walked in the room. She was there to start setting Witt up with home health care and the equipment he would need at home. Mel told her that they had a home health care company but there was a problem. Witt's insurance was capped out. When Melanie explained the entire situation, this wonderful woman...this gift from God... not only told us what needed to take place but said she could set the entire thing up. She will make the necessary arrangements for when Witt is released. He will be taken straight from the hospital by ambulance to spend one night in a nursing home(with Mel and Austan). I don't know how it all works but because of this "Rider 28" and spending the night in a specific nursing home, Witt will qualify for medicaid and it doesn't matter if they have any money in the bank. She is also working on who and what needs to be done in the interim. As she was leaving, I told her she was a gift from answer to prayer. She turned and said that was so good to hear because she knew that God had wanted her to take this job at Texas Children. I told her to please be encouraged by knowing that she was a blessing to us today. I don't even have her name but I will post it as soon as I get it! There are still financial issues to tackle but WOW!!! I am in awe...I am humbled...I am praising God!!!! He is more than able to accomplish all the concerns Witt!!!!

The last couple of days have been filled with...

First, some trach cleaning time!
Then some holding time!

And finally some smiles!!!!
(I have never had this much
fun being weighed!)


rise' said...

God is truly amazing!!! And, I love the video. Seeing Witt smile is priceless! It looks like Mel is sitting in "the chair."

Biker Chick said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Angels among us!! Witt is an inspiration...all of you are! Love...Love...Hugs...Prayers!!donna jo

Bettyann said...

Witt has guardian angels..I'm so happy something is being done...I never, ever am that happy either about being weighed...such a sweet little darling!!...take care..

Anonymous said...

( I just received this blog from a friend, and was touched to tears.)
Just want to share...."No weapon formed against Witt shall prosper."
In the beginning, Jesus saw Witt and made provisions for his healing. By HIS stripes Witt was healed! I Peter 2:24

Angie said...

Such GREAT news! I was feeling bad after reading the last post... so, SOOO happy to hear about this gift from God. Simply and truly amazing!

Misti said...

What a blessed day. Praise for the God planting the right person at just the right time. Love the smiles.

Elizabeth said...

Seeing Witt Smile is so very precious, you just can't help grinning along with Witt. God once again has come and shown the way! Love the pictures of Beautiful Witt!


Anonymous said...

We did the Rider for Joshua - so let me know if you have any questions about what to expect or anything else!!

281-787-0252 cell

Love, Olivia