Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Witt continues at a very slow pace but it is a pace going in the right direction! A couple of days ago Witt was diagnosed with adenovirus. In Witt(like most kids) it has caused a little respiratory infection with a fever but nothing serious. The doctors right now want to make only one change at a time and they also want those changes to be small. For the next 12 days the plan is to gradually ween Witt off the methadone and ativan. That is the only change for now. Normally this would be about a 5 day process but the doctors just don't want to move too fast! In the meantime Melanie and Austan are becoming very proficient with Witt's trach. Nothing about it seems to rattle them!
Sometimes Witt would just rather not smile!

Please continue praying for favor as all the necessary steps are being taken to get Witt into the medical programs that are available. I also want us to always remember that God is to be our focus. For me that is easier to remember in the "hard" times than the times of seemingly no great need. The truth is He is all we need and that need is not lessened because our circumstances are easier or a little more routine!


Lori said...

You all don't even know me, but little Witt brings me such joy. I am friends with Alicia and Mark Raley and try and keep up daily with Witt on your blog.
I love your family and their love for Jesus. Wanted to encourage you to press on for His glory and to keep posting those videos of that precious baby smiling!
Praying in earnest for you-

Wykate said...

I've found this song to be encouraging. Continuing to pray for Witt and all your family. Kate