Saturday, March 6, 2010


Witt is doing much better. His kidneys are functioning very well. Today we are celebrating urine output!!! I think he is considered no longer in kidney failure. All the important things they keep track of are going in the right direction! With all that going right, Witt has been scheduled to have a tracheotomy on Friday the 12th. The trach is necessary because Witt has to remain on the ventilator. The only way for that to take place is to have a trach and the vent tube goes where the trach is. This is something that we had all hoped Witt would never have to have but in this too we rest in trusting God.

This video is a little dark but that's because it was
taken at 2am when Witt was wide awake!!
(Just realized this video hadn't previously downloaded!)


Elizabeth said...

We have been praying for your family, this is great news about Witt's kidneys. God is in control and watching over your angel, Witt is such a inspiration to us all, you have a beautiful family.

trash talk said...

God continues to amaze me even though I know He is in complete control of every aspect of Witt. I am so happy to hear that his kidneys have improved and will continue praying for God's next step in His perfect plan.

Glenita Hayden said...

Witt is such a STRONG little guy !!! Wonder where he gets it ??? Ha !