Monday, March 8, 2010


While I was putting this post together with all the pictures Melanie texted me that Witt's surgery has been moved to tomorrow! Please, please pray for Melanie and Austan as they pray and seek God's wisdom and comfort! Melanie is very unnerved about the surgery being tomorrow. She admits that she never ever wanted Witt to have to have a tracheotomy but she is very unsettled particularly about the surgery being tomorrow. I am praying for discernment like they have never had before and a peace about however God leads them. I am also asking God to heal Witt's lungs. I am boldly approaching His throne and asking that He heal Witt's lungs so that no trach is even needed...I will ask this until Witt is healed or until God reveals that His perfect will for Witt is something else!! AND I am at His throne praising Him...He is worthy of our praise and adoration no matter our circumstances...not in spite of our circumstances but because I know that ultimately He is in control of all of our circumstances. I praise Him because He is Faithful and I thank Him because He freely fills Mel and Austan with His faith to continue in this walk with Witt!



Sue said...

Praying also for Witt's lungs to heal & no need for tracheotomy.

The scrapbook looks great! Love the "Love" page.....just beautiful!

Raley Family Blog said...

We are praying for a miracle! We are praying that the doctors will have the wisdom they need to make the right decisions. Peace for Mel and Austan and total healing for Witt. Most of all for God's will to be done!

Love your pages Mel.

Biker Chick said...

I'll keep praying for healing and guidance.
Melanie, the pages look FANTASTIC! I would expect nothing less...ya'll are all so talented with decorating and such. Way to go!

Elizabeth said...

We will be praying for Witt's lungs to heal. I love your scrapbook pages, you have a beautiful family. We will be praying for a miracle, and that Melanie, and Austin, have peace about Witt's up coming surgery tomorrow. I don't know your family, but feel as if I do, through your pictures and Witt's story. Many Blessings.

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Thinking of you all so much - it's so unsettling when surgery is suddenly brought forward. Hoping all goes well. x

annalee said...

praying and love you guys so much.

ps- those scrapbook pages are incredible! i love the details, but i especially love the photos on the pages!

sonja said...

The photo pages are just beautiful Mel. Each detail and photo is priceless. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother's heart!

Praying daily with you guys, for Witt's healing, and for your peace and strength. How many times God has already carried all of you through things, and He sure isn't going anywhere now!

Love you all,

connie said...

I am praying for that miracle, too. I know when I met you in the PICU waiting room and you talked about him possibly needing the trach, it made me wonder why I was praying so hard for Mallorie not to need one ... if others were going through the same thing? I dont' know - it gave me pause, to realize that some things maybe are not to be avoided at all costs? But I still prayed the same for Mal and will continue to pray the same for Witt, that he will NOT need the trach.

And that the doctors will be moved to cancel or postpone, if God allows this to be so.

It is so hard to just give the reins over to God, I know. Witt is such a vibrant little boy, with such a cute personality. I love the videos of him playing. :) And I love the scrapbooking pages, because they all let you see how Witt is the center of a loving family.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Prayers and hugs from Poetry. Love all those pictures! ~Mindy

Leah J. said...

Praying, sweet friends! Beautiful scrapbook pages with pictures of a beautiful family!!

Gayle said...

God has Witt and you tightly in His arms and knows exactly when and what Witt needs. Just as in the song, Footprints in the Sand, this is definitely one of those times when God will tenderly and lovingly carry you through just as He has so many times before. So many blessings! Praise God! We have been praying for Witt's lungs to be healed and there would be no need for a trach and that you feel such an amazing peace as you rest in Him. Praying and trusting God for His perfect will to be done.
The scrapbook pages are awesome Mel!
We love you.
Bobby and Gayle

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog from San Antonio,Tx. for sometime. Needless to say I pray for Witt everyday. Just a few words re: the tracheotomy. My nephew had to have one after a near death car accident with a drunk driver. It truly was not very invasive and it sure helped w/his breathing, suctioning and the few times he had to be vented. They can close after Witt is doing better and shows sign that he can maintain. I pray for wisdom for the Dr.'s and his parents and family.

Marjie Murff said...

Cute scrapbook, Melanie! Praying for God's perfect timing in Witt's surgery, but also for a miracle so that the surgery won't be needed!