Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dr. Macicek just came by. You will have to forgive me if I misspeak on something but I am going to try to put in writing what he said! He is concerned that Witt's lungs are a little worse today because of the fact that his liver position is lower. The chest x-ray is not up yet. He also thinks that Witt is in general breathing a little faster and it is still a little labored. Dr. Macicek has asked for a cardiac specialist with the heart failure team to come by and give her opinion about a certain medicine. The medicine would help Witt's heart to squeeze better which in turn ends up helping the lungs to dialate better. What's going on now is not because his heart got worse but Witt lives with no reserve in his lungs like most of us because of his heart. If the cardiologists thinks this medicine will help, Witt will be moved to the PICU because his blood pressure among other things has to be monitored very closely. Dr. Macicek said that hopefully this is a virus that hasn't quite run its course yet but in the meantime he would like to do anything possible to keep Witt off the ventilator. He knows that last time Witt went down hill quickly. Also, Witt's chloride is low so he is having to hold one of the 4 diuretics today. Please pray for Witt's lungs to dry up and also for Dr. Macicek. I can't imagine what it would be like to be Witt's main doctor. Dr. Macicek should have actually been removed from Witt's case when Witt switched to the heart failure team but he asked to be kept on! Lord, reveal Yourself to Dr. Macicek today...grant him wisdom and endurance!