Thursday, January 14, 2010


Witt has been moved to the PICU. He might be put on cpap to help expand his lungs. It was decided to give him a medication called Nesiritide. This medicine helps the body to diurese but it is not actually a diuretic. They are hoping that this will help to start pulling the fluid off. Dr. Macicek also believes it is time to do the cardiac cath test. Witt will be intubated for this so they are also scheduling the brain MRI for as close to the same time as possible. Not only do the cardiologists need the information that the cardiac cath will give them but both of the procedures are a necessary step in seeing if Witt would qualify for a heart transplant. Melanie and Austan want to at least take these steps. A lot of blood will also be drawn while he is on the vent which will also be needed for tests in the transplant process. More than ever I am asking God to make his glorious will be known to Melanie and Austan...these decisions have to be too much for them alone!

Witt is now on the Nesiritide to help him to diurese(a much nicer way of saying "pee"!!). They took his blood pressure every 15 minutes for the first little bit until it quit dropping and leveled off. So far no cpap...he actually is resting well!


Glenita said...

Praying for our little guy. And his family! He couldn't ask for a better one! Love y'all!!

Gayle said...

We are praying for all of you and thanking and trusting God for He knows EXACTLY what Witt needs as well as Mel, Austan, and the doctors. In Him, you will receive the guidance,direction, strength, and peace that you need. I know He has you wrapped tightly in His loving arms.
We love you guys very much!
Bobby and Gayle