Thursday, January 28, 2010


Witt has had a restful day. He remains on the ventilator but manages to play with his toys and be very cute! The cardiac cath is scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm. However, they are hoping he might even go sooner. Having said that, it could actually be later! We have been here enough to know that schedules are more like guidelines that can be changed. Certainly there can be emergencies and unforeseen circumstances that can cause this to change. I believe that when the doctor is finished with the heart cath that he will meet with Melanie and Austan and give them some idea of what he measured and what it meant. The doctor performing this is not Dr. Morales who will use the results to help him to decide if mitral valve replacement will be of any benefit. Dr. Morales will meet once again with Melanie and Austan to discuss what decisions they have. I am not sure when this meeting will take place. Vickie(Austan's mom) and I were talking about what we should pray for. Honestly, I don't know what to very specifically pray for except God's will to happen in such a glorious way that there is no doubt that it is God and He is in control! I must confess that a couple of days ago as I was walking back from Witt's room to the waiting room I was yelling at God...not out loud yelling but nevertheless yelling as loud as I could in my spirit. I was telling God to just be heal Witt. God very lovingly told me that I wasn't asking Him to be God, He can be nothing less, but that what I was demanding was that His will would be my will. So I laid it all down and once again left Witt in His capable hands. It is God's will that I desire above all. His will is what's best for Witt.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

...and you continue to witness to me. "Not my will, but Thy will be done." I will pray that God's very presence will be felt by all in the room during the cath and that there will be a peace that passes all understanding. Hugs from Poetry. ~Mindy

cheryl said...

I love you, Karen! Thank you for sharing your very heart and soul with all of, friends and even strangers. We will join you in fervently praying for God's will...and also that His will is reavealed in a very clear and comforting way.

Raley Family Blog said...

Love you guys! We are praying for God's will to be done in Witt's life and for there to be such an overwhelming peace in Mel and Austan as they wait for the results. Karen, thank you so much for being so transparent and allowing God to work in and through you!