Saturday, December 12, 2009


Witt is still not feeling well. Dr. Macicek said that with his "numbers" he wouldn't probably feel great. The incredibly hard part for Mel and Austan is to know what to do next. They have been told to hold off on some of the diuretic unless his oxygen saturation indicates he needs it. However, because Witt still doesn't feel good(moans a little the entire time he's awake), he also is not really breathing even normally for Witt so his saturation bounces all over. When he settles down his saturation stays up fairly well but not quite as steady as it usually is. I can't imagine having to make these decisions but what I do know is that God can give them all the wisdom and discernment they need. That's my prayer! I am asking God to pour out His wisdom on Melanie and Austan and that His great peace will be prevalent too. I am asking for His wisdom not just so Melanie and Austan can make the right decisions but that by their wisdom and faith that He is glorified! The decisions that Mel and Austan are asked to make about their son would be impossible EXCEPT God! He most assuredly will continue to pave the road before them...sometimes one stone, one decision at a time!

Not quite the "Mr. Bright Eyes" that
he usually is!


Anonymous said...

Be specific what kind of decision is Mel and Austin to make! We need to pray specific

Mandi said...

Praying for wisdom and peace tonight! I hope that sweet boy feels better soon.

Gayle said...

Even feeling yucky, he is still so cute! We are and will continue to pray and trust GOd.
Bobby and Gayle