Saturday, December 12, 2009


Mel and Austan decided this afternoon that they needed to take Witt back to the ER...he is moaning a lot, obviously very uncomfortable, and Mel and Austan just don't feel totally confident in deciding whether or not to give him his Lasix. (Lasix is a diuretic and is an integral part of Witt's drug regimen for his heart...but, when he's dehydrated, Lasix is withheld) It took a long time to draw blood because sweet little Witt is a "hard stick" to say the least...he was so upset by the whole ordeal that they actually had to put him back on oxygen. (My heart breaks for Mel and Austan having to stand by and watch this...thank God that Witt is in capable hands at TCH) As I write, they are awaiting the results of the blood work and also to see someone from cardiology.
We'll keep you posted...thank you for praying, sweet friends!


sonja said...

I'm praying right now for precious Witt and for Mel and Austan.
love you all,

Raley Family Blog said...

Praying for peace, comfort and healing for Witt. Love you guys.

The Apiary said...

Not clear from the post but when you say a hard stick are the drawing blood from his foot? Bella has a hard time with this and at her last apt I asked when she would be able to have blood drawn like we do. The doc said she could have that done now but that they don't generaly do that with infants. She also has to go up on the oxygen after having this done. I hate blood work. If they are doing the foot Mel and Austin might talk to the doctor about pulling the blood another way for lab work. Will continue to keep them all in my prayers. Will pray for rest for Mom and Dad.