Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Please pray...pray for Witt-his stomach, for Melanie-endurance, encouragement, guidance! Witt continues to throw up this morning with feeds, with medication. Basically he just doesn't feel good. Melanie is trying everything she can think of. Right now she is waiting for a call back from the doctor who was going to talk to Dr. Jeffries. Please, Lord, give us Your wisdom and in the midst of waiting for Your answers give us strength, patience and the one True Hope!!

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Gayle said...

"I can do ALL things through GOD Who STRENGTHENS me!"
We continue to pray for Witt, Melanie, and Austan. GOd is your strength and your hope. He is, has , and will always be in total contol taking care of each and every concern.
We pray for peace, comfort, healing, and rest.
Standing with you in prayer to our Heavenly Father,
Bobby and Gayle