Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's a little after 2am and Witt is home! He was ever so slightly dehydrated but that was all. His electrolytes were good along with his creatinine level. Witt's respiratory rate seemed a little faster to the cardiologist but since it's Witt and they know Witt, she decided it was okay. They skipped his last diuretic and will start it all up tomorrow morning...actually this morning now! One thing that Melanie found out is that the potassium total for the day can be spread out over 24 hours so she may try that. It will be given more times but a lesser amount each time through out the day. Also the potassium in the hospital is just a clear liquid and what Witt takes at home is pink flavored liquid. Melanie is going to see if she can get just the clear plain liquid. The doctor said that the potassium itself doesn't actually upset the stomach but the taste is horrific. What could be happening is that Witt's reflux is bringing it back up along with the awful taste and that is causing him to throw it up. I am grateful that even though it was a long night it wasn't an all night stay. The entertainment from Melanie and Austan is almost worth the trip!!!


rise' said...

So thankful Witt was able to go back home! Hope you all have a peaceful and restful day.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Home. Yea! I'm glad to wake up and see this. Home is such a good place to be. Prayers continue. ~Mindy