Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is Witt's "I'm so cute" look!!!

This is Witt's "I look like my Daddy" look!!!

The doctors haven't made it to Witt yet on rounds. Probably because he is no longer on step down status. We have learned in this hospital that the more critical patients are seen first at rounds. Witt had a great day yesterday. I don't believe he threw up any feeds although he still gags and coughs a lot! We took Witt for another stroller ride. I am not sure if we or Witt enjoy it more! I counted our steps and figured out that 10 laps around the floor are a mile so that's what we can tell it's time to leave! Witt's osat number continues to be great as do all his other numbers. He is still on a path to going home on Friday!! There is still no word back from the transplant team on whether Witt would have to have another cardiac catheter and also be intubated for an MRI. The answers to those questions would help Melanie and Austan decide whether or not to move ahead in the process. Right now regardless the plan is for Witt to go home Friday...that's what I am hoping and praying for!


Gayle said...

He is too cute! He does look like his daddy in that second picture. Bobby wants to know if Austan has a polka dotted ski hat?
What a homecoming it will be on Friday! I can just imagine the joy in the faces and hearts of the family as you enter the door with Witt in your arms.I can hear all the excitement and feel the happiness everyone will be experiencing as they see Witt's, Austan's and your huge smiles!
Thank you Lord for handling every detail of Witt's health and life.

As I think about the homecoming on Friday for Witt with all the family, it makes me think of another homecoming God has planned for all of us, His children. Oh the joy we will see and feel as we enter God's heavenly home one day, too. We too will experience all the love and happiness with our Father and our family in heaven.
God's promises are true today and always!
We love you guys!
Praying and trusting God for a joyous homecoming on Friday!!!! What a party that will be!
Bobby and Gayle

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Friday. How ironic that I always, selfishly, look forward to Fridays. This Friday, it is allll about Witt and the Luphers. Woo hoo! ~Mindy

cheryl said...


We love you, buddy! Can't wait for you to get your tailfeathers home where they belong!

lynn said...

There's no place like home!! Let me know if I can do anything to help y'all get "relocated." Can't wait!!