Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The thought of going home puts a smile on all our faces!

The doctors said today that the goal is for Witt to go home Friday!!!! Honestly, I am very excited but still a little reserved! If Witt continues on this path, he will be headed home Friday. They are still tweaking medicines to get him on a home regimen...nothing too major. One change yesterday was to increase Witt's beta blocker slightly. The thought is that this will slow his heart rate down just a little and actually also help his lungs. They want Witt at his best for home. Yesterday, Witt went for a stroller ride on the floor. Not only was it good for me and Melanie but Witt enjoyed it too!



Witt continues to take a bottle of thickened fortified formula before some of his feeds. The amount varies from 1 to 2 ounces for now! His entire feed is 4 ounces. The doctors have said Witt can take as much by bottle as he will. The jury is still out on the milk allergy. The plan is to leave him on the fortified formula then Melanie can try breast milk again back at home.

"He will redeem my soul in peace(He has!) from the battle which is against me, For they are many who strive with me."

This morning I was reading Psalms 55. I wholeheartedly praise God and thank Him for what He continues to do in my life...in Witt's life but as I read verse 18 I thought of all of you! I don't even know all of you who are praying for Witt and all my family and that blows me away! Thank you for striving with us...thank you for standing in the gap and striving for us...it brings me to my knees!


Erin Drez said...

What wonderful news! I pray that the week continues to go well!!

Gayle said...

What fantastic news! Reading the title put huge smiles on our faces and in our hearts! Then we saw the beautiful picture of Mel and Witt! Praise God! Thank you, Lord, for such sweet blessings!! We know God has Witt in his precious loving arms. We are sooooooo excited! What a homecoming it will be!
Love you all,
Bobby and Gayle

Nancy said...

Great news! I'm praying that all continues to progress well so that Friday is HOMECOMING day for Witt!
Loving you, Cadou

sonja said...

That was precious, seeing Wiit and Mel and then watching him "hang out in the hallway", having a great ride! He just looks so GOOD!!! Makes me so happy!

Debbie Mueller said...

So precious! You can truly see eyes of love for his Mommy. Trusting God that everything will work out so Witt can go home. He IS in Control.

Katie and Justin Cox said...

That Witt is a sucker for his mommy... as he should be! Such wonderful news. Witt is on our heart and minds often. Continuing to pray for your lil man!

sonja said...

P.S....I just have to add...this boy has an unbelievable wardrobe!!!He must make everyone in the hospital smilte with his stripes and colors!

Kelli said...


Marjie Murff said...

Praying for Witt's homecoming very soon! Also, Happy Ten-Month Birthday, Witt!!!