Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The stuffed animals and balloons made the trip to the new room!

Witt is respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation and CO2 numbers all continue to be right where we want them. He still is fluid positive...for now about 250ml positive. His creatinine level is also a little high but that is because of all the diuretics and has nothing to do with his kidney function...kidneys are just fine. The doctors are still trying different combinations and amounts of diuretics. Melanie got permission from the doctor to take Witt off all the monitors except the pulse oxygen. Witt has little blisters on his chest from all the monitor stickers. Normally for Witt his Osat level is a good indicator of how he is feeling. I know God promises to be to us anything we need. Witt needs the fluid to come off and stay off. Guess we need God to be Witt's diuretic! Lynn said that if God could dry up the Red Sea, He could surly dry out Witt! At any rate, Witt seems to be feeling much better if the look on his face is any indication!!!


Ruth said...

Hooray for the move! [and ALL that move implies!!!]

Hooray for no sitckers and wires and monitors!!!! [even MORE hugs and kisses!]

Hooray for privacy and togetherness and your very!!!own!!!!

congrats! Love! Praises! HOORAY!!!!!

rise' said...

I'm so happy for you all that you have a private room and that Witt is doing better. That little guy is just so cute!!!

Jenn said...

This just makes my entire day! What awesome news! Thank you Lord! We pray that fluid is released off this precious little guy. May he continue to rest and gain strength in the hands of the Lord! We love you all hope you can get some rest in your own private room!!!
Jenn & Joseph

trash talk said...

Praying for rest and "relief". (Translation: wet diaper)