Thursday, August 6, 2009


Witt continues to take TINY STEPS in the RIGHT direction! The doctors are very pleased with this slow, steady, positive progress. He is being closely monitored every day but the doctors are making such slight changes that they really only gauge progress in weekly intervals. They learned from Witt's setback a couple of weeks ago how critical it is to make slight changes in his treatment and watch very closely ANY reaction from Witt. His oxygen has been lowered to 1/4...his osat had been holding steadily at 100 at 1/2. He remains fluid positive by 250ml but that doesn't reflect fluid loss that they can't measure like sweating and, even, breathing. Dr. Macicek continues to hope that Witt's fluid retention is a result of the major surgery. They are withholding one of the strong diuretics today and will closely monitor. Witt can't remain on this level of diuretic "forever" but he certainly can for the near future.

Speaking of Dr. Macicek...what a blessing he has been to Witt and the entire family. Karen said that he just spent at least 30 minutes with Mel answering all of her questions and just visiting with them. He will be out of town for a few days but will still be monitoring Witt. He holds a special place in our hearts and we can never thank him enough for the incredible care he has given Witt!!!

Karen said that Witt fell asleep looking at his lion...
she thinks he was admiring its RED hair!!!

Have a BLESSED day!!!


trash talk said...

The Lion and the Lamb.

cheryl said...

Debbie...your commentging was BEAUTIFUL! I still have chills!!!

Gayle said...

I agree with Cheryl-Precious comment!!
So glad to hear all the great news. Praise our Glorious Father!
We continue to pray! Love all of you!
Bobby and Gayle

We love all the pictures and videos! Too cute!