Saturday, August 1, 2009


Witt continues to do well this morning. As you can see he is comfortably just hanging out without the CPAP and most of all the important breathing numbers are staying right where they should be.

Our friend Rise' drove in last night and is helping Karen with all the daily chores today.

Last night, Austan and I spent some good guy time chatting with the nurse and keeping Witt comfortable while Melanie was able to take a break. Fortunately, all went well while Melanie was away from Witt.

I have seen in the news a number of races recently, for example, the Tour de France and the Swimming World Championships.

As in many parts of our lives, we feel like we are in a race. Not so much of a race to beat others, but one that tests our endurance and persistance. We always gauge ourselves against others in many areas of our lives, but when we are just enduring hardships in our lives we know that the race has a different purpose. God's timing is perfect. His strength is sufficient. God constantly is bringing others to Him if we are paying attention to the hearts of seekers and broken lives He is gifting for us each day. It's our prayers for those we love and even those who don't even know us that help make us unique to the world. Our uniqueness and God's spirit will always draw others to Him. Its because of God's promises that He will ask us to develop relationships for Him so they will be sifted through the lives we live in Christ. So continue strong on your race and thank you for joining us on ours. Blessings to you.

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Ruth said...

One thing I really 'got' this year in the Tour de France was just how many 'races within a race' are happening. The Yellow jersey is nice, but so are the Green, White, and Polka-dot jerseys. But none of these guys can earn those without the help of the 'domestique' riders, whose job it is to accompany the team for moral support, drop back to gather food and drink, and then sprint forward to deliver sustenance to those pushing forward in the race, as is their job for the team.

So it is in our spiritual walk here, as members of the Body of Christ...we all have our unique roles according to our unique talents and gifts, and if we use them to God's purposes, His Kingdom happens here on Earth! The Kingdom of God is at hand!!!