Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Well...let me think"

Witt has been off the CPAP now for close to 24 hours. There was a little concern this morning because his fingers and toes were a little "purplish". The doctor ordered a quick blood gas and his CO2 was actually lower than when it was earlier in the morning so that is good. All of Witt's numbers look good especially heart rate and oxygen saturation. His respiratory rate a little fast but okay. Please pray that over the next few days that Witt's lungs actually get better and his fluid levels stay down. Please pray that he is able to breathe easy with just the nasal cannula! Also pray for Melanie and is very hard to adequately put into words what their lives are like right now and I couldn't even attempt to say what emotions they must go through! I know they must be emotionally and physically weary!!!

But you know, this little guy sure brightens the day!


Ruth said...

He most certainly DOES brighten my day! Thanks for all of the great photos. It's amazing how much he's grown!

cheryl said...

AMEN! His BRIGHT eyes and PINK face make my soul smile!!! And, Karen, I'm VERY impressed with the COLORFUL post :)

trash talk said...

So wonderful to see him looking better. Prayers going up for the good news to continue and for everything that Mel and Austan need to be provided. The hands that hold Witt hold them as well.

Erin Drez said...

WOW = Witt looks so good in this picture/video. You can tell he feels better!
My thoughts & prayers are still with you guys. I pray for Witt every night before I go to bed. I hope you know that even strangers like me care deeply about Witt and your family. My heart physically aches & my eyes fill with tears because of what you are all going through. My hope is that you never feel alone in all of this and that when you feel weak you lean on God, friends and family....maybe even the fact that a fellow mom in California is thinking about you. Take care.

Marjie Murff said...

Prayers are on the way for Witt, Melanie and Austan, and the whole McCord/Lupher family!