Thursday, July 16, 2009


Witt seems to be doing better with the feeds. The doctors want him moved around a lot...siting up, taken for walks. His lungs are a little junky and the right upper lobe has pockets where it is collapsed. The doctors have stepped up respiratory treatments. This isn't surprising with the surgery Witt just went through. What is surprising is how fast of progress he has made! In many ways Witt is back to his old self...smiling, talking, trying to get both fists in his mouth. Hopefully he will get the 2 remaining chest tubes out before too long!!

Feeling Better!



trash talk said...

This is such welcome news. Love seeing him back in his stroller enjoying the roll! Will keep the prayers coming for even more blessed news.

Jenn said...

Precious little guy I love you so so much! Stroller rides are the best! I am so glad Witt is doing well! We contine to pray for God to keep his healing hands on Witt! Love you guys!
Jenn & Joseph

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Amazing, the child is! If they had cut my chest open, you can bet I would still be laying flat, screaming for more morphine. What a blessing that he is up and at em, looking great! Amen and Praise God! ~Mindy