Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Witt's had a good day. He did throw up again this evening but seems to feel better. I know the 2 chest tubes really hurt him...hopefully those can come out soon. He is completely off morphine and cut way down on methadone. Dr. Macicek came by today to check on Witt. He puts up with so many questions from me! These days are more filled with people just stopping by for visits than medical things...unbelievable since just last Friday Witt had open heart surgery!!!

Just some pictures from the day...Witt stays pretty still since movement is painful!


trash talk said...

He is such a good baby. Hopefully every day will get a little better with God's help. Hope the bed is helping everyone rest.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

A lazy day is a good day after the last 3+ weeks. What progress he is making since his surgery, getting off the morphine. Wow! Thrive Witt! ~Mindy

Ruth said...

and I see that his 'indicator spot' is happily rosy meaning lower level of stress! He is just SO precious and cute!