Monday, July 20, 2009


Witt has thrown up a couple of times today and his sodium level is still too low even though the diuretic was stopped. Now he will be given some fluids by IV. The doctor will watch his fluid levels closely especially the amount of fluid draining from the chest tubes. What Witt needs is the sodium level to come up and the fluid from his chest to go down! He is still pretty lethargic which is expected with the low sodium.

He just doesn't feel that good!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh, that picture tells it all. Poor Witt. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

Nancy said...

Oh, this is one of those times when I wish God operated on OUR timetable! Yet His ways are not our ways. Still, we rest in Him because by faith we know His plan is PERFECT. Perfect for Witt, perfect for Melanie, perfect for each of us who call Him "Lord" and rest under His authority. When words and energy fail, Mel, God understands, because His Holy Spirit is speaking for you, on yours and Witt's behalf.

The picture of Witt breaks my heart, but even through tears I give thanks to God. And He, the Sustainer, provides solace. We trusted Him yesterday, we'll continue to trust Him today and again tomorrow. How can we not, when His grace has been so evident in Witt and all whom sweet baby has witnessed to?

I'm praying for strength and rest for Melanie, Austan and you, Karen; and relief from pain and remarkable healing for our amazing little man. Thank you, God, for never abandoning Your throne, even on our worst days!

Much love--Cadou

trash talk said...

I simply could not have said it any better than Nancy. I'll just say I am in total agreement on the healing power of our Lord.

Gayle said...

I love what Nancy said--so very true!
I love the song, Footprints in the Sand. This is one of the times when you need God to hold you and carry you securely through the dark of the night. Yet He always promises light in the morning! (Of course, it is His timing!) He's there, Mel! Hang tight to His promises! We pray for all of you and peaceful, peaceful rest for Witt. God is the Great Physician and He is hard at work right now!
Love you all so much!
Bobby and Gayle

Jenn said...

Nancy said it all! I am in constant prayer for our little guy. The Lord is the Great Physician. Love you guys!
Jenn & Joseph

Biker Chick said...

The picture really does tug at my heartstrings. I too pray for relief for Witt's pain and discomfort knowing that everyone else will feel the same with him.
God bless you all.