Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Witt's surgery might be Thursday but it might not. Dr. Morales is right now doing a lung transplant which tosses the schedule out for now. We have learned to not be the least bit surprised by this! Right now we are enjoying being in a room which we will remain in until surgery. Until surgery, we wait. We strive not to wait as the world does but as Christians who know and trust in the Lord...who trust in who He is and His perfect timing!
Witt is either within arms length or resting in the bed with Mel!


rise' said...

He's just the cutest little guy!!!

Ruth said...

Boy, are you guys learning patience! And you're such a good witness of the peace that can be in such a situation.

Enjoy that bed and bathroom!

Hilary said...

Thinking about you sweet Witt!! :)

Stephanie said...

Hope you all are enjoying the bed and bathroom! Witt seems awfully happy being held my his Mommy, how precious. Prayers start for surgery on Thursday if in need it takes place. Sounds like Witt is doing so much better, God works in such an awesome way. May his perfect timing be when the surgery does in fact take place. I invite you to click on my name and take a look at my blog. I am proudly sporting the "Pray for Baby Witt" logo.

Jenn said...

Patience contiues as we focus on our God!!! His timing is always perfect! I am so glad you have Witt right by your side! We are praying for our little guy! Love you all!
Jenn & Joseph

trash talk said...

You are so right...Only God knows when the time will be right. For now I will be praying for rest for all of you.

Raley Family Blog said...

So glad that you are now in a room where you can relax and hold your precious son. Praying for rest and patience as you wait on God's perfect timing.