Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today is a big day for Witt with the ventilator. They are doing three trial tests to see how Witt does with the ventilator turned off and Witt breathing on his own. He is still completely hooked up to the vent, it is just not helping him take breaths. The problem is Witt is a faster breather at his best. The blessing is this month's rotation has Dr. Macicek in the PICU. Since he is Witt's regular cardiologist he really understands Witt and his respiratory rate. The first test this morning went pretty good but this afternoon his respiratory rate went into the 90's. Even so Dr. Macicek told them to push Witt. He said to do the third test and if the lungs look better tomorrow like they did today they may still try to take the vent out. Dr. Macicek said Witt may just need to be given the chance to breathe on his own. The nurse said that sometimes the tube still in can make it harder to breath on your own. Melanie and Austan want what's best for Witt. Please pray that it is indeed best for Witt to come off the vent. The time is getting close to where if he doesn't come off he will be left on till after next week's surgery. Please pray for Mel. She's tired and wants so badly for Witt to be taken off the vent. Pray that God pours out His wisdom, strength and peace. Pray that we look for and see the hand of God because I know without a doubt He is carrying us!!


Gayle said...

God is most definitely carrying all of you. His strong loving arms are wrapped tightly around you so you can rest in Him and know that HE is GOD. We cling to Him because we love and trust him. We know HE is the only way we can gain strength to keep moving forward. Thank God --He is in control!!! He knows the exact time this vent should be removed from sweet Witt. We pray for the doctors to hear God's directions and follow His orders. We pray for precious Witt, Mel, and Austan and the whole family to get some rest and comfort in God's loving arms.
We love you.
Bobby and Gayle

cheryl said...

Dr. Macicek is such a blessing! I'm constantly in awe of the details that God "works out!"