Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Witt has done well on his ventilator at 10pm and 4am. The first one went really well. During the second one Witt's oxygen saturation level dropped a handful of times but usually went right back up after a suction. They each lasted 2 hours. The doctors will make a decision this morning about removing Witt from the vent. If they remove the tube but his respiratory rate remains too high or he's having to work too hard then they will reintubate. I am asking that God Himself causes Witt to take slow deep breaths. I keep seeing this picture of Christ literally breathing His breath into Witt!!!
Doctors are still saying surgery will be next week to remove the sac around Witt's heart. I am sure that too will be discussed at rounds which I get to listen in on. I really do feel at times like I have been dropped into the middle of a "Grey's Anatomy" episode!!!


Jenn said...

Prayers answered!!!! I am so glad to hear Witts test went well! We will continue to pray that Witt can take long slow breaths. We love you little guy!
Jenn & Joseph

Gayle said...

I love the "picture" of Christ breathing His breath into Witt! How true it is! God is the Blessed Controller and He will handle everything. We are trusting God and knowing He will be breathing slow deep breaths with Witt!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Precious Lord!
Love all of you,
Gayle and Bobby