Friday, June 12, 2009


Karen just called to say that Witt is very uncomfortable every time he feeds and, in fact, he threw up once last night. When he's being fed he pulls at his feeding tube and straightens out his little legs. He's obviously in pain. Mel has two calls into the surgeon's office and is waiting to hear when they can take him in...otherwise, they'll take him to the ER. His breathing is very shallow...most likely from the pain...but they've had to turn his oxygen back up.

Please pray that this will be an "easy fix" and for immediate relief for sweet, little Witt! We'll continue to update as things progress.

May your day be blessed! ~Cheryl

**update...this is Witt on his way to the doctor today! Smiling as he listens to "Mighty to Save"...we've all decided that this is "Witt's Anthem!!!" Such a sweet boy...happy, even when he's in pain!


Jim McCord said...

Witt is a great little guy. He is always trying to smile at you if he doesn't feel bad just to let you know that you are appreciated and loved. WE LOVE YOU WITT!

Grandpa Jeem

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Prayers sent. ~Mindy

kimberly said...

Hi, I found your blog through a friends and have been keeping Witt and your whole family in my prayers. I know this might be really random, but my mom was hurt on a horse 4 years ago and is paralyzed from the shoulders down. We had a peg put in her belly at that time to supplement feedings, water and give meds. When we tried to give her a full feeding she would get sick, so they told us to give her a little at a time and see if it got any better. Now we have a pump so when she needs the extra food and water it will give it over a few hours instead of all at once.