Thursday, June 11, 2009


I think we are boring Witt these days but for Melanie even a day at home is not boring! The days at home are still filled with administering several different medicines throughout the day, cleaning the entry wound of the feeding tube and loving on Witt. Dr. Wesson will try to put the button on the gtube on the 18th but for now Witt still has a long tube coming out. Please pray for Witt's stomach. It seems to be bothering him quite a bit especially since the surgery. Melanie has a call into the nurse. Hopefully we will hear back tomorrow. He seems to be a little uncomfortable at times. Please continue to pray for God's perfect timing on the cardiac cath test too...the perfect timing for Witt's little body...the perfect timing for God to be glorified!!

"Bah humbug...let's go out!"

For those is a picture of Witt's gtube with the stabilizer. The "target" is actually just adhesive tape to hold the stabilizer tight in place. Now when Witt pulls on the tube it doesn't move in and out at all. Look at that smile, though!!


trash talk said...

What a precious baby! Hopefully God will get his stomach issues right as rain soon. Sending you all love, hugs and prayers.

amanda said...

Have I mentioned just how darn cute he is lately????!!!! SOOOOOO adorable! And look at all that hair! Praying daily for him!
Amanda and Sean

Marjie Murff said...

It's amazing to see how much he's grown! What a cutie! Prayers continue for the healing of his stomach and the upcoming cardiology test.

Love in Christ,
The Murff Family