Monday, June 29, 2009


Psalm 29:11:

The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace.

The resident assigned to Witt asked me this morning how Mel was doing. She said that both Melanie and Austan appeared to be doing very well. I wished I would have had this verse at the front of my mind! Melanie and Austan are living manifestations of this verse. You want to know how Melanie and Austan are doing...this verse is your answer! It doesn't mean that there are not times of mental and physical exhaustion but The Lord is Faithful to fulfill His word. The Lord is Faithful to give Melanie and Austan strength and peace. The Lord is Faithful give Melanie and Austan Himself!

It was another long night but for different reasons than the night before. Last night Witt's heart monitor went off over 40 times. His heart rate would momentarily dip too low...called a "brady". This was due once again to the medications (methadone for one). The doctors are trying very hard to figure out just the right doses for Witt to keep him from having withdrawals and yet continue the weaning process. This was not as serious as it sounds but it is the one alarm that garners an immediate response! The heart rate never stayed down. Usually in the very small amount of time that it took his nurse or any other close by nurse to hustle in, Witt's heart rate was already back up. It was tiring for all except Witt who was just sleeping too well!! It's looking more and more like the surgery to remove the sac around the heart will be Tuesday. The doctors haven't rounded yet so no real new information on it!


Rise' said...

I'm so thankful our LORD is strong and mighty and so very good.

Anonymous said...

I'm back. I am not able to check in on Witt during the weekend so my first priority this morning was to see how things went over the weekend. So thankful that he is still off the ventilator. I will be praying for Witt and his family as you all prepare for the up coming surgery.
Stephanie~in Missouri.

Gayle said...

Thank you,Lord, for being with Witt, Mel, And Austan every second of every day. I know God will give you exactly what you need at the very second you need it. Rest in Him!
Still praying and loving you all so much,
Bobby and Gayle