Sunday, June 28, 2009


Witt is doing pretty well. His carbon dioxide did go up but its probably because he was given too much sedation. The sedation was supposed to be alternated and given every 3 hours but early evening he was given the sedation 1 hour apart. When he is sedated too much, Witt doesn't inhale or exhale deeply so the carbon dioxide builds up. The nurse is going to skip the midnight sedation. Hopefully Witt will be a little more alert and breath deeper. Tomorrow we should find out at least if the surgery is going to be Tuesday or Wednesday and who exactly will be the surgeon. I will definitely post as soon as we know the details of Witt's surgery!

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Raley Family Blog said...

I just now got some internet access and have finished reading the entries from Wednesday on. I am continuing to pray for Witt. I also want Mel to know that I am praying for rest and strength for her. I know that this has been a tough last few days for her. I love you all. I have shared Witt's amazing story with some of my friends here in Africa and they will be praying as well.