Saturday, June 27, 2009


Witt's carbon dioxide numbers remain about the same but last night Dr. Macicek said those numbers are good enough to keep him off the ventilator. Witt is on a pretty strong "blow" from the CPAP to help inflate the right lung. That would need to be slowly turned down before the CPAP would come off and Witt's normal nasal cannula with oxygen would be used. That process could take a couple of days. For now Mel still can't hold Witt because of the CPAP contraption but there is a huge difference in Witt being on this as compared to the breathing tube. Mel calls him her little pig...the cannula and tubes for the CPAP push his little nose way up!

Dr. Macicek said that Witt's surgery most likely would be Tuesday or Wednesday and not Monday. This has nothing to do with Witt but scheduling...praying for God's schedule and not ours!!!

Connor update: Connor, the 17 year old that I had asked for prayer for is doing so much better. He is now off the ventilator that he had been on for somewhere around 28 days! Hopefully, today he can eat. He has lost a lot of weight. His parents remain strong and faithful...ministering to whoever they can in the waiting room!


Rise' said...

Was so hoping Mel and Austan could hold Witt now. But, I'm thankful he is not on that vent...and that Mel is still saying hilarious stuff! So glad to hear that Conner is doing so much better. Between your family and his, everyone in the waiting room will be blessed!

Jenn said...

Yes good numbers! Keep it up my little man! We continue to pray that God is in control of Witts every breath. We pray that Mel and Austan can find peace when they receive updates from Dr. Macicek. We will pray that Conner will have the strength to eat today. We all stay faithful knowing that God is in control! Love you guys!

cheryl said...

I'm sooo happy that Witt's not back on the vent. Praying for peace for Mel and Austan!

That's such great news about Connor! I can't wait to hear how he does today...he must be so hungry. Please let his sweet family know that I've been faithfully praying for him and for all of them! They are a precious family that God is using in mighty ways.

Love you and we'll see you soon!!!

Gayle said...

Yeah! Praise God that Witt is off the vent! Bobby just got his CPAP machine yesterday! I'll have to look at him tonight, Mel, to see if he looks like a pig! I know GOD can get that lung to inflate. Trusting in His perfect timing! He knows Witt's exact needs for this, the surgery, and everything!
Praise God for Conner coming off the vent too. GOd is amazing! God is certainly using two strong families at that hospital to witness to others. As Christians we still face challanges, but it's how we handle it with God's help that makes the difference. Through our faith and trust in Him , He gives us the strength, comfort, rest, peace and JOY! Thank you Lord!! Praying you continue to feel His loving arms wrapped tightly around you as He continues to reveal His plan.
We love you guys,
Bobby and Gayle