Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Please pray for Witt...he is really hurting right now. His oxygen saturation really dropped too but that can happen with pain. He is taking really fast short shallow breaths. The doctor had his feed stopped(still just pedialyte), turned up his oxygen to 1 1/2(baseline for Witt right now is 3/4) and ordered a little morphine. The morphine is already working and he is resting better. The doctor said if this didn't help him she would call in the pediatric surgeon. Please pray the pain will go away and that Witt can tolerate his feeds. Pray that he will take deep long breaths. Respiratory just tried to turn his oxygen down but couldn't yet still at one and a half. Also, having to give him more sugar water because his glucose level is a little low! I will update in a while!


Sandy said...

We are praying for you and Witt.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and giving Mel, Austan, and Karen peace. Witt you are in the mighty hands of our Lord. He will take your pain and give you rest.

Cadou said...

Dear all--I'm asking our Father God to bring complete healing to our precious little man. It must be incredibly difficult to see Witt hurting--so I'm also requesting that he blankets each of you in His miraculous Peace as He,our constant Hope and most able Physician, continues His perfect work within Witt. I care so much for each of you--Karen, you cornered a place in my heart back in 1975 and there you still sit today! Take care of yourself as you look after your remarkable family.