Thursday, May 21, 2009

UPS, DOWNS AND BALLOONS! has been ups and downs. Witt is doing better but still has some pain. They are trying to manage it with Tylenol because the Morphine can slow everything down. With the surgery(which by the way Witt was actually cut open not just done orthoscopically) Witt was given fluids. The problem for Witt is that fluids that are not absorbed in the stomach but that are given by IV can really throw things of with his heart and lungs. Somehow these fluids add to his heart and lung issues. I don't really understand it but when he is given extra fluids by IV it can end up affecting his lungs. This then also affects his heart. Anyway...all the specialists are in agreement that Witt needs to be given more diuretic and by his IV. And, hopefully as the pain goes away he is able to take deeper breaths which also help to dry the lungs. The doctor's believe Witt will need to be in the hospital for several more days. Tomorrow they will try the feeds again. We need to also be able to turn his oxygen back down to his baseline of 3/4. I am glad I don't have to understand everything but can rest in the things I do understand...Witt is held securely in Christ's arms and surrounded by wonderful medical staff! The physician assistants and the attending doctor have been outstanding. They have totally been on top of everything. All the specialists have worked together and been in contact with Witt's regular specialists! And they actually seek out information and opinions from Melanie! They ask her how she thinks Witt is doing...they don't want to miss anything! I tell you, it's God at work...I have no doubt!!!!

Deela and Shailey brought a cool seahorse balloon to Witt and Melanie has been adding to them. I told her they would scare me but he seems to like them!

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Rise' said...

Very cool room decorations!! Am praying he will be free of pain very, very soon! Love you guys!