Friday, May 22, 2009


Mel and Austan are facing an excruciatingly difficult decision...the fluid around Witt's heart has increased and the cardiac team has indicated that he might require a tap. At this point, the surgery would be "elective" but they really don't want to wait until it's an emergency...and it doesn't help that we're heading into a holiday weekend. Witt is being moved to PICU so he can be more closely monitored but poor, little guy is still in pain and is starving. Karen and Mel have had very little rest this entire week...PLEASE STAND IN THE GAP FOR THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!! I assure you that their faith is NOT shaken but, physically, they are worn out.

Several people have asked what they can do...PRAY! Hit your knees and pray, please!!! Pray for an instantaneous reduction in fluid, relief for Witt, strength and wisdom for Mel and Austan and peace for the rest of my family as we pull together in an attempt to support some of my favorite people in the world!!!

I will keep in touch throughout the day. Please know that your prayers mean more than words can ever express!
We continue to look to HIM!!!
Love, Cheryl


rise' said...

praying and asking everyone i know to pray.

Debbie said...

Praying without ceasing. Lord, God, heal this precious baby. Strengthen his family and give them peace as they make difficult decisions. Be with the doctors, give them the wisdom to do what is best for Witt. We trust and believe our God is in control.

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

forwarding a link to your blog to the best prayer warriors I know. May His hand in all of this become clear and may you be blessed with peace that passes all understanding.