Sunday, May 31, 2009


Witt has had some very uneventful days...that's a good thing! Melanie and Austan have taken him out on errands which is great for all 3 of them. He is getting adjusted to the tube in his stomach and the bigger amount at each feed. Tomorrow is Witt's now somewhat regular appointment with the cardiologist. They will mainly be checking for fluid around his heart and I am sure also looking at the leaky valve. The cardiologist that will perform the cardiac catheter test wants to do the procedure in August. Not sure yet exactly when. I was sharing with Julie(in our Sunday School Class) today that Witt's heart condition is well documented. I am asking God to heal Witt's heart and bring glory to His name! The doctors would be blown away! Witt's oxygen is turned back down to 1/2. It could probably turned down even more. He seems to be breathing much easier! It's during these days that I seem to catch my breath. I don't rely on God less, it's just some days its very apparent that God is bringing me each breath at a time! I have said this to people before who were going through very very hard circumstances that sometimes its not trying to make it through a day, or through an hour, or even a minute...sometimes its just breathing the next breath. God is the very air we breathe and He does bring the next breath in hard times! As a Christian, just taking the next breath in a horrible situation can give God glory!!!

Wouldn't be Mel's baby without a stuffed dog!!


Rise' said...

Can't wait to see the little man again!! He's precious.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Look at those healthy arms! He is packing on the pounds with the feeding tube. Great! And indeed. Just breath, Karen. God continues to bless. Amen! ~Mindy

Gayle said...

Witt is so precious! I love those cute arms! Trusting God in all circumstances--in all ways--always! SO true-God is the very air we breathe.
I thought of Witt today when we were with Alicia's family being commissioned to go to Africa. God has called them to be missionaries in another country to share the gospel. I believe God is also using Witt and your family to reach many people with God's love for each of us through this blog. Being a Christian doesn't exclude us from having tough circumstances in our lives. It's how we handle it. We put our faith, trust, hope, our lives in His hands knowing He has a perfect plan for each of us.
He gives us the exact amount of strength we need at the exact moment we need it! As you said, He is the very air we breathe.
We love you all so much!
Bobby and Gayle