Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sweet Witt threw up a couple of times during the night. Witt seems to be doing better this morning and we pray that is over. The pediatrician (who we love!), saw him yesterday. Witt was alert and interacting and the doctor thought he looked great other than the fever. He gave him an antibiotic to fight any infection, which could be what didn't agree with his stomach last night.
Mel is trying to feed him some now. He still has a low grade fever and his oxygen had to be turned up slightly. We are praying all of this is just a "normal" childhood sickness and will pass soon.
He also has an appointment with the pulmonary specialist today at 2pm.
Again, thank you for the way you pour prayer over Witt and our family. We can't ever say thank you enough for the blessing of that.

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