Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elle Lupher 6lbs 7oz

Witt would like to introduce his newest cousin! She made her arrival last night at 7:34 on Witt's 5 month birthday. Her parents found out early on she as a heart condition called TOF. She is currently spending time in Witt's old stomping grounds. Elle will have several test done to decide the best way to fix her heart one of which could be surgery. Would you please pray for Lee and Lisha to have wisdom and peace as they walk through this time. Pray Lisha would have strength and healing for her body after having a baby. Of course lift up sweet Elle that she would be safe and they would fix her heart with no complications. I know the situation all to well and it can be exhausting. They don't know how long she will be in the hospital but like with Witt we are all grateful for a place like Texas Children's and the wonderful care they provide for our kiddos.

you can read more updates about witt's cousin at


Anonymous said...

I pray for both Elle and WitT that GOD will make them whole so we can play.

Love Big Daddy

Gayle said...

What a beautiful baby!
God knows our needs even before we do! We are lifting this precious baby, her family, and all the doctors and nurses to Him. We ask God to give them rest and peace in knowing that God is in control. He is walking this path in front of them. Thank you Lord for being with each of us in the "storm" of our lives. We know you can and will calm the seas.