Saturday, March 7, 2009


Still not anything new from the doctors but we didn't really expect to hear much over the weekend. Witt did however perform well for the physical therapist. He was evaluated by PT today. Melanie asked for them to come and evaluate Witt since he is here in the hospital. The therapist said he has good control of his arms and legs. Its also great that he can totally control his head in most movements even though he still "bobs" his head when you hold him in sitting position. The therapist was pleased also in what he did when she rolled him over. It's the cutest thing...right now he is trying to "talk" to Mel. It's one of the greatest sounds in the world! Witt's oxygen had been turned up to 1 liter but today it's turned down to 3/4 liter. Please pray we can keep it here and over the next several days turn it down more! Witt will now receive physical therapy 3 times a week and occupation therapy(for swallowing) twice a week. At least while Witt is in the hospital, they all come to him! Carol Scott will understand this...I am thinking that as long as we are here we need some decorative flair. I have already checked out the other rooms for items and will have to venture outside the hospital! First, I think we need a good lamp! This lighting is way to "sterile"!!! Some kind of table would be great but I probably can't get that by the charge nurse. We have no clue how long Witt will be here but we will make the best of it!!


Jenn said...

Mel I love you so much! I am thankful to hear our little guy had good news from the PT. I pray God brightens Witts room with his healing light! Although, I totally agree that a lamp and some decorative flair will add spunk to the room! I will continue to pray for our hearts to be filled with Gods presents. May we all keep our focus on the healer! Please give Witt a kiss for me!
Love you all

cheryl said...

Michael said "sure, you can! Just by a table from Ikea!!!" I volunteer him to assemble it for you!
Love you all...and, really love to see your sense of humor stills shines from TCH!!!