Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here's an email I received from Karen just as I published the last post...I thought you would enjoy reading HER words. And, please pray for this family as they try to walk through such a tragic loss.

Cheryl...I can't describe what happened when Jason entered the room...the very presence of Christ was felt and at the very time that darkness was overtaking us! Let me also tell you about what happened the second I hung up from you. I was using the phone in the family room. I hung up, turned around and 2 girls (20ish) were sitting there crying. I went up to them knelt down and said that I didn't want to intrude but that it looked like they must have gotten bad news. Jessica (we all need to be praying for her!) said that her 18 year old sister just passed away. Jessica was sitting with her friend Tiffany. Jessica's mom was still in the room with her sister's body. God allowed me the blessing of praying right there with them! Would you ask for people to pray for Jessica, her mom and Tiffany? They have suffered great loss and her friend is standing with them. Cheryl, God's presence here is so apparent. Tell everyone not to worry but praise our Great God for what He did tonight in our lives!!!

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