Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have just hung up with Karen and I so wish that every one of you could have heard the calming sound peace in her voice! I am in AWE of the works of our tender, loving Father! While nothing has changed with Witt from a clinical perspective, God sent His PEACE to Witt's room in the human form of two very dear people...Jason Swiggart, the pastor who married Mel and Austan, and Dr. Lange, Witt's pediatrician. These two men, who have such special places in all of our hearts, were truly used as instruments of God tonight! They may never fully realize how much their obedience meant to a family that was literally raw from emotion...their visit had an impact that only our faithful, loving God could direct! Karen described it as literally going from Darkness to LIGHT! She said that there had been a blanket of fear and sadness that was covering the whole room...oppressive...but when Jason walked in, followed almost immediately by Dr. Lange, God's presence was overwhelming and undeniable! She said that Jason honestly brought a LIGHT into the room as he entered.

Four of my favorite people in the world, Mel, Austan, Witt and Karen were cradled and loved on by our Heavenly Father...but He did it through two very special men!!! May the rest of us never miss the opportunities God presents in our lives to use us to bring His Light to His children in need!

Thank you, Father! Your Hand is tender and mighty...may You continue to cradle Mel, Austan and Witt. May we never miss Your lead. And, may we always praise You...Your GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!!!
Humbly and thankfully,

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Sonja said...

You guys are all just LIVING in the midst of this very trying time, with the absolute power of God showing in each one of your lives. Your faith, your love for Witt, your reaching out to those around you...WE as your friends and viewers of Witt's blog are being challenged and blessed beyond what you can imagine. What a very long shadow this tiny little boy is casting. THANK YOU, for your living example to all of us.
I love you all, and I am praying.