Monday, March 2, 2009


The neurologist came by and said Witt's "blue" episode was a textbook example of what happens with some very normal babies starting around his age to 2 years. It is not life threatening (except for a grandmom's life!!). The pulmonary specialist just came by and said they will be running several tests and he is not convinced that the heart leak doesn't have something to do with his lung issues and need for oxygen. Along with talking to cardiology they will also begin to rule some things out. He believes Witt's oxygen can be turned down but cannot say if and when he could be totally off oxygen. We are at that point of the faith walk again...having to walk this thing by faith in Who our God is and trusting in Him. There are so many variables that could be contributing to the lung issue. We are grateful that pulmonary is now a part and yet all this could once again be mostly attributed to the heart but other factors could still be playing a part. Over the next several days Witt will go through more testing and evaluations. Please pray for an undeniable overwhelming peace to fill Melanie and Austan as they wait for answers.

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Sandy said...

Mel, We are ALL praying for God's super natural strength to give you strength; for His peace that passes all understanding to cover you and Austan; and His comfort, knowing that He has you, Austan,and sweet Witt in the palm of His hands. We love you....the Browns