Monday, March 9, 2009


Melanie and I do have some fun here at the hospital passing the time. Here she is drinking from Witt's "bottle"!!

Austan has us set up with a small flat screen TV and wii!! Mario Kart is our favorite. The nurses are cracking up that we are playing it. I ,of course, being the competitive one that I am, make them wait while we finish the race to talk to us!! Nah, Witt does come first....I come in first place however! And look...Witt is right there for us to watch. Mario Kart...weeeeee!!!!

On a more serious note...Here is the latest sign added to Witt's bed. Annalee made it for Witt and I agree with Evan who said that it sums it up nicely!

Its been a long day for Witt with the therapy and all the medical staff in and out! He's a sleepy boy!


Rise' said...

You guys are cool. Very cool.

Carolyn said...

He is such a sweet boy, I too pray that God holds and heals him.