Thursday, March 12, 2009


How great is our God?!!! He is greater than we can imagine, more faithful than we understand, and more loving than we can pour back out! Yesterday, I asked you all to join me in asking God to give Melanie and Austan wisdom to make a decision about the cardiac cath test. Austan and Melanie neither one wanted this test done and stayed persistent in their questioning. Melanie just didn't feel right about this procedure. Even though the doctors tell you its minimal risk, it still would have involved sedating and intubating Witt. Unless the test is necessary, Mel and Austan didn't want this risk taken and they could not come to a peace about it. So we prayed! And our Great God, who accomplishes more than we could ever ask, took the decision out of their hands. When the doctor (Dr. Justino) came to talk about the procedure, he said he wasn't convinced completely that this needed to be done. Dr. Justino is the doctor that the pulmonary people highly recommended to do this. When Melanie and Austan told him that Witt was discovered to have silent aspiration and now is on a feeding tube, Dr Justino said that was it. That information pushed him over the edge of not doing the procedure. I think one of the very cool things here is that Mel and Austan walked in this as we all should at times. They didn't not have a peace on a decision here so they kept walking. Sometimes we just have to keep walking towards an end result, gathering information to make an informed decision all the while asking God to give us wisdom, to intercede. I know that Melanie and Austan don't even know the example that they continue to set, nevertheless (or maybe because of that!) God uses them to show us how to walk through incredibly tough situations! Late last night, Melanie was answering questions from the night nurse all about Witt...did she know before he was born, etc. Later, Mel said she hoped she didn't scare "moms to be" with Witt's story. I told her I believed it was just the opposite. Witt's story offers hope! Yes, he is an example of something out of the ordinary that can happen but greater than that, Witt is an example of God's goodness, faithfulness, strength, joy! Mel and Austan are very real examples with real emotions for expectant parents to see. Yes, your child could be born very different than you would have wanted but the child you have can still fill your life with love and joy from God!

Thomas Gilmore update: Thomas is the baby who was born with the heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. His surgery lasted all day yesterday but was very successful. Please continue to pray for his healing and strength for his parents (Brian and Erin). For more detail please visit Thomas' website: I am positive your prayers and encouragement will help them greatly...I know...I have experienced it first hand!

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Kelli said...

Oh sweet Mel your story is definitely one of inspiration for moms to be. How to be inspired to love fiercely and to protect your baby!