Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got to stand in on rounds for so Grey's least to me! I keep thinking which ones are dating and what really goes on in all the storage rooms? On to what matters in this life...Witt's carbon dioxide number is 59!!! The doctor was just hoping it would be in the 60's even high 60's...GLORY!!!! The x-ray is unchanged but (as I learned in our rounds!) that is good and somewhat expected. An eager resident quickly informed me that its quite normal for the xrays to take some time to catch up to what is actually taking place. In other words, clinically (blood tests, listening to lungs etc) he is doing so much better but it may take a few days for the xrays (inside of the lungs) to actually reflect that. Mel and Austan still need to see the surgeon today and make a decision about the more permanent feeding tube. Amazing God. He is worthy of all our praise regardless of any circumstance or test result...nothing changes His worthiness!!

Bath time!



cheryl said...

What we really want to know is was there a McDreamy in the rounds today?!? Of, course...WITT! Can't wait to get down there...trying to work out sitter for Carson. But, YIPPPPEEEE YEA on the great news.

evanmccord said...

He's a chub.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

He's such a cutie! Continuing to pray for him.

annalee said...

oh witt, how i love your sprout of hair! and every other bit of you too! m&a- praying, praying, praying for wisdom and clarity for decisions.

The Hokansons said...

love the HAIR!
the witt-wave cracks me up :)

Robin said...

I have been a "lurker" here since baby Witt was born. After reading your most recent posts, I decided to comment.

My daughter was born at 25 weeks gestation and is the only surviving child of triplets. I know her's and Witt's problems stem from different origins, but they did/are encountering the same obstacles.

We fought against a "permanant" feeding tube for over a year for our daughter. She was "failure to thrive", weighing only 8 pounds at 1 y.o. and 12 pounds at 2 y.o. We tried every trick in the book to help her gain weight. Nothing helped. Finally, we were at our witts end, and agreed to the feeding tube.

It was the best decision we ever made!

Sure, we didn't feed her with a bottle anymore (much to our dismay), but instead, all the time we had been struggling trying to feed her, were now replaced with happy snuggles.

The greatest benefit came when she was sick. We could easily keep her calories up and giving her medicines was a breeze. No spitting or spilling. (and NO aspiration!)

I completely understand your concern, but I just wanted to share our experience in hopes that it will make your decision a little easier.

In Christian Love,


Jennifer W. said...

Look at that happy boy at bath time! Bath time is one of my favorite times of day now that my little one has grown to love it. So glad Mr. Witt is doing better!

Jenn said...

Praise God! I am praying for wisdom and guidence as you continue to make decisions for our little guy. Witt is such a cutie! I love the hair!
Love you