Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Witt is making great progress with his oxygen...praise God! He has been 24 hours with it turned down to 1/8 and Melanie even had it set at 1/16. We may never know if it was the heart medicine or Witt's lungs finally healing completely from the virus. What I do know is that no matter the path of medicine, it is still all God! He slept 9 hours last night that allowed Mel to get some much needed sleep!

Sleepy Boy!!

The Cutest Hands!!


Marjie said...

Witt is getting so big, and cuter every day! Glad to hear the need for oxygen seems to be lessening. Continuing to pray for him and the whole family!

The Murff Family

Nancy said...

Karen, thanks so much for the updates; it's so appreciated. You're right--it's all God, our Healer and Sustainer! Love, Cadou