Friday, November 14, 2008


Witt had a great first visit to the pediatrician. Yesterday Dr. Lange checked him out from head to toe. On many levels he is just a normal little baby boy! Melanie had a couple of questions for the doctor and she assured them these were just "normal baby things." Our immediate goals are to be sure that Witt continues to gain weight. He will be weighed again in 7 days. Dr. Lange wants Witt to go to the urologist and neurologist. Melanie will be making these appointments soon but it still may take a little time to get the referrals and appointments. From the pediatrician's point-of-view Witt's first well check-up shows he is doing well but he needs to be checked by the specialists too. It was a very specific answer to prayer that Dr. Lange didn't talk at all about the "what ifs." He just talked about the here and now, about what we know to be true in this moment. Please be praying for Witt's kidneys (one has reflux and the other could have some blockage) and for any possible issues with his brain. All of our lives are in God's hand, we just fool ourselves into thinking we are in control. We put on "blinders" but God has seen fit to be sure we never have blinders on where Witt is concerned. Without a doubt, God is in control and its in this wonderful knowledge that we find our peace!


Anonymous said...

we are truly blessed...Witt is such a gift!! love you all!donna jo

Anonymous said...

So glad that Witt's appointment went well. He is an absolute miracle! I will continue to lift up your entire family in my prayers. Our God does great things and He has already proven that through Witt's life!

trash talk said...

And because you know these things to be true and continue to give God all the glory, I know blessings will continue to come y'alls way. Debbie

Mandi said...

I know from experience with our foster son (we received him when he was 3 days old) about the "what ifs" that can be reported. It makes it difficult to keep focused on the here and now. Placing our trust in God gives us hope and peace!

I'm so glad this appointment was encouraging rather than discouraging!

melbaboulet said...

Praise God! What a miracle you have in Witt. I have just returned to town and was without a many blessings since I've been gone.
I continue to pray for you and praise God for you. You are a beautiful family, May God Bless You!
love, Melba