Monday, November 17, 2008


Witt had a great weekend...a very normal 3 week old weekend! The really normal part is he sometimes likes to stay awake at night and sleep when he should be eating! He is now taking on average a little over 3 ounces. He takes a bottle which is great except it means double duty for Melanie. She feeds him and pumps every 3-4 hours. Last night our little man decided to stay awake the entire time between the 1am and 4am feeding. I stepped in (what a blessing for me!) around 3 to help Mel. Witt didn't go to sleep until 5ish. He and mom are now sleeping. It is indescribable to have to deal with these normal issues!!!

Melanie and Austan go Texas Childrens today for genetic testing on the 2 of them. It needs to be determined if this was just something that happened to Witt's chromosome 1 or if it was actually "inherited" from one of his parents. Once again I am asking God change chromosomes...that even if Melanie or Austan had a chromosomal issue that God just fix it! He can, you know...He is able...I believe He did this in Witt...Glory!!



Kelli said...

What a blessing to be able to step in and have some precious middle of the night time with your Witt. I know Mel truly appreciates and I KNOW that grandmas love that special time! Prayed that God make any chromosomal issues dissapear!

camille said...

We love you three so very much and pray for you often. I am humbled by the way that you are resting in the love, peace and hope of God. May He grant your prayers and change the chromosomal issues. We look forward to meeting sweet baby Witt and hugging your necks!

Shannon said...

Hi Lupher family!

I am so happy to hear that baby Witt is doing so well! I think of y'all often and was thrilled when I heard of the good news!

Take care & God bless your family,
Nurse Shannon

Allison Connor said...

It is so good to hear Witt is doing so well! God is so GREAT! I will keep praying for all of your family and am excited to see God continue to work His miracles in your life! Blessings!