Saturday, November 8, 2008


Witt had a great homecoming. He spent most of the day eating and sleeping. Imagine that! He had a few guests that dropped in to see him and he didn't disappoint anyone. We really thought he looked around a lot today. He noticed where the lights were and would look at faces like he hadn't seen us everyday for two weeks. He is such a blessing and we know each day won't be easy, but God has blessed our family with one day at a time. Please keep Witt in your prayers tonight as he adjusts to a new bed and his parents as they will be feeding him through the night for the first time.

You can watch a video of Witt talking to one of his grandma's by clicking on the link below:


susan said...

"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him." 1 Sam 1:27

To God be the GLORY!!!

Vickie said...

What a beautiful glorious day! Witt is home with his family. Again I say praise the Lord!

Gayle said...

GOD certainly gives us great JOY! Such sweet Joy I saw in the faces of Melanie, Austan, and Witt as they were leaving the hospital and arriving home!! What a joyful sound the family made as they welcomed Witt home! As Mel lifted Witt from his carseat, I loved his raised arms outstretched as if to say, "Praise God" "Thank you, Lord!"
What a joyful homecoming!
We love you all and wish we were there. We've been smiling all day!!!
Every day is such a precious gift from God and what great gifts HE gives His children.
Luke 1:37 For NOTHING is impossible with GOD!!!
You are in our hearts and prayers!
Love you,
Bobby and Gayle

Paul said...

Congratulations on the birth of Witt! He is precious. So grateful he got to go home with "Mom & Dad" today. Love him and love him and love him some more. All will be blessed with Witt H. Lupher.

Paul & Merlene M.

Jess Stevens said...

He is absolutely handsome & so blessed to be surrounded by a family who loves our Lord so much. You all will continue to be in our prayers. Thank you Mel, Austan & Witt for sharing your beautiful journey with us.
God is SO GOOD!

Penny said...

What a touching video! He is such a beautiful baby. I think he was very alert for just 2 weeks. I am so glad that you are all able to be "home" and now you can relax a bit more. I'm sure Witt will just thrive with the love of family so close.

Thanks for sharing his video!

Katie Zell said...

What a beautiful baby boy you both have Mel & Austan! I'm so happy that he is home with you guys! What a blessing! Thinking of you!


Mandi said...

Such a beautiful voice! I'm sure you are all so captivated by your little man. Still praying. (: