Sunday, November 9, 2008


A number of you have asked about whether we will continued to update the blog. The answer is yes. Probably not as often, be we will still keep you updated on what's going on with Witt as often as possible.

Witt decided that on his first night at home he wanted to stay up most of the night (until about 4 am). He will get on a regular schedule in his time!

Most of the day today, Witt did the eat and sleep routine while listening to NFL football in the background.

Witt received a special blanket today from his friends at FUMC La Grange. Thank you all so very much. God's love and blessing are surely going to be covering Witt everyday. He has been showered with many gifts of love in addition to constant prayers and our gratitude cannot be adequately expressed. Thank you all.

We will have more pictures and video posted later today or tomorrow so check back soon!



trash talk said...

Danny and I have done a lot of traveling, but this is the most remarkable journey we have ever been on. Thank you for sharing it. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. Debbie

Gayle said...

I am so glad to hear Witt and family had a good night. He was just taking it all in. There's a lot more interesting things to look at and hear at home. We have you in our hearts and prayers. Tell Annalee congratulations for finishing a 60 mile walk. That's super!
Have a great second night--hopefully a little more sleep will be on the agenda!
Bobby and Gayle

Mommy07 said...

I happened upon your blog and I must say, Witt and his family give me much inspiration! Congrats on your baby boy and best wishes!

Kelli said...

Way to go Annalee! Witt will hopefully get on a schedule sooner than later! He must just love his home so much!!

Annette said...

Glad to know the "blessed blanket" arrived safely (and quickly). The Lupher, McCord & Evans clans are very special to us at La Grange FUMC.

Most of us don't enter parenthood under the same circumstances as you did, but welcome to the adventure all the same! The road is full of blessings and challenges, laughter and tears. May your faith sustain you through them all and may Witt grow healthy and strong in the days ahead.

Celebrate life!!