Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tomorrow Witt goes to the pediatrician for his well check. They are looking forward to getting more information about newborn care at home. He doesn't have any special breathing needs or special eating needs (praise God!) He is simply thriving at home while his parents are adjusting their schedules to this precious baby's schedule (like all new parents do!) Please pray that tomorrow's appointment is a time of getting helpful tips and advice and not a time of merely discussing the "what if's." Thank you for continuing to pray for Mr. Witt, the delightful miracle!
ps- Have you ever seen such a handsome cuddly sleeper?! When he is all snug in his jammies it is too cute for words.


Kelli said...

Have fun getting all of Witt's new stats! Don't forget your notebook, I always forget the answers to my questions!! :)

countrycharisma said...

Annalee, thank you for keeping us all informed on Witt's progress. I have him in my prayers daily and so glad he is doing so well. I have 7 grands of my own, and the last one is a baby girl born Oct.18th. She is in Hawaii and I have not gotten to see her yet. Blessings to you and your lovely family. Carrell from Tennessee

Aurelie said...

Hi Annalee, my daughters and I met you and Adelaide in Bethel's parking lot yesterday (my daughters are Helene and Anna, we were getting in the car at the same time as you). When I got home and checked my email, our small group prayer requests included the link to this blog...I got all caught up on the amazing ways God has been working on little Witt and in the lives of everyone around him. I just wanted to say hi again and tell you I prayed for Witt today.

Jenn said...

Witt looks so cute in his little jammies! I will be praying for wonderful news from the doctor! Can't wait to see you guys!
Love you

Raley Family Blog said...

Happy 3 Week Birthday Witt! You are a gift from God! We are continuing to pray for you.

Mandi said...

Babies in their jammies are so sweet!

Hope all went well with the appointment.

BTW - My husband is now asking for Witt updates...I guess I talk about this sweet baby a lot! It thrilled me to be able to tell him Witt was home!!!(:

annalee said...
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