Monday, November 3, 2008


Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers for the Lupher family last night! Although it wasn't easy being across town from their little guy they made it.

Upon arriving home they were greeted with a house full of Witt's photos to see his sweet face often. They also found an awesome surprise from family friend, Pamela.

She has a business "Stuck on the Word" which makes adhesive wall art (click here for additional info.) She custom designed and applied these Bible verses in Witt's nursery and the living room where Mel and Austan are staying. These are two of the same verses Witt has on his crib. What a wonderful reminder of the way God is with us wherever we are.

Here are this morning's updates:
Witt received all of his feedings through the night!
Mel and Austan were able to get some good rest (in between getting up every 3 hours to pump).
Austan returned to work for the first time since Witt's birth.
Mel (and others) are with Witt at the hospital now and Austan will join them early this afternoon.

Thank you for your constant prayers and continued encouragement!


Jess Stevens said...

PTL that Witt was able to take all his feedings during the night. Thank you for keeping this BLOG updated. Although we don't know the family personally, we are connected by His blood. You all are in our prayers. God Bless & God's Strength to Mel & Austin especially.

Jess Stevens said...

sorry I spelled Austan wrong

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Witt,

The Lord has richley blessed our families with you. You have been prayed for before you were even conceived. I am so very thankful that the Lord has allowed us as a family to watch over you and guide you as you continue to grow. We count it a privaledge to tell you about the Great I AM and His love for you. You are so fortunate to have parents, family, extended family ,and friends that love the Lord Jesus Christ. We watch with awe as He continues to work in your life and how He has allowed you to be a vessel for His honor.
You are always in my prayers and thoughts. I miss you when I am not at the hospital. But I know you have plenty of company that will be in line to have a chance to visit you. Sometimes there are so many in the waiting room I think that we are going to have visitors take a number just to take a peek at you. I just can't wait to see you this evening. You are just too cute. I love you,
Grandmother Vickie