Monday, November 3, 2008


Pray that Witt continues to digest! There was some residual left after the last feeding but they continued to feed him anyway. Mel met with the doctors at rounds for the first time by herself (I couldn't be back there because I am a little under the weather and don't want to expose Witt). These were brand new doctors because they started a new rotation today. We really liked and felt secure with Witt's other doctors so that was hard. Mel said she feels like she is starting from the beginning in some ways with this rotation. Witt is a little yellow again and they will watch that. They brought up things that have already been addressed then said they would look back at Witt's records. We have to remember that we too have been put in this doctor's life for Kingdom purposes. It is hard to sit out here in the waiting room when I know Mel is feeling alone...I am asking Christ to make His presence very real to her. I know He is Emmanuel- God With Us, God With Mel!


Anonymous said...

Our heavenly Father is still in the miracle business. There is hope in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I have said a special paryer for Will and for his family today and will contiune to do so. May God bless and keep you in his love.

Settle Family said...

I am Kathy Smith's niece Nicole. Kathy shared with me Witt's story and your blog. What a courageous and precious little man God has blessed you with. We wanted to let you know that Witt is in our thoughts and prayers.

trash talk said...

Karen-you are so right. God is with y'all always and so are we. Just look at the visitor counter and know that is how many prayers are being offered up every day on y'all's and your sweet baby's behalf. Glory to our Lord! Debbie

Anonymous said...

I am Annalee's auntie Trissa.

Years ago when Caryn was in the hospital for her long-extended birth stay, we experienced a similar piece in relationship to the nursing staff. I remember vividly my anguish over new nurses coming in to take care of Caryn and making flippant remarks about not having worked in the ICU nursery in a long time and trying to remember how the xyz monitor needed to be set! God's peace is amazing and powerful! Blessings to you this week! Trissa