Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Melanie and Austan received great news yesterday from Witt's pediatric urologist!  Dr. Janzen said that the kidneys didn't appear to her to be any smaller.  The difference in the measurements was insignificant and could be attributed to shadow or where the tech places the cursor to take the measurements.  She said that the kidney tissue looked great and the kidney function is normal!  Also, she believes the kidney reflux that Witt was born with has resolved itself and there is no need for Witt to be on his daily dose of bactrim. Dr. Janzen simply wants to see Witt once a year for a check up.  Christ is certainly Witt's Sustainer.  I am grateful that He has chosen to sustain Witt with normal kidney function!!!


Raley Family Blog said...

Praise the Lord!!!!! Love you guys

trash talk said...

Wonderful news. This does my heart good to read.